Choose O’Linchy’s Construction Services, LLC for Your Siding

Siding is more than just a material on the exterior of your home, it helps to protect it. In other words, it’s your family’s first line of defense against the elements.

Whether you choose vinyl, wood or Hardie Board; we’ve got you covered! Literally. Choose the right siding that will raise the value and esthetic to your home.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to be a veteran and family owned business. Our locally owned and operated business serving the Tri-County area including Lawerence, Mercer and surrounding counties. Choose decades of expertise from professionals who know and love Pennsylvania as much as you do.

Residential Construction Experts You Can Trust

At O’Linchy’s Construction Services, our commitment is to building the best homes and providing exceptional customer service. We specialize in a variety of residential construction areas. Over 25 years of general contractor experience leads our team of professionals. Every employee must pass a drug screening and background check before we hire them.

Fully Licensed and Insured Professionals

Put your projects in the hands of qualified professionals. Our construction team is licensed and insured to meet all legal requirements. Also, we are happy to provide any references from previous clients for added peace of mind.

Benefits of Installing Siding

1. Improve Home Value

Did you know many people consider new siding one of the highest valued home improvement projects? Investing in new siding can be an effective way for you to invest your new home. Boost the curb appeal of your home and refresh its exterior with just one project!

2. Dedicated Construction Experts

Working with O’Linchy’s Construction Services eliminates the need for frustrating DIY home improvement projects. Our professionals are there from the start to finish, providing you with expert guidance and customer service. We review every option with you to find the perfect siding for your home. We’re here for you every step of the way.

3. Avoid Expensive Painting

Did you know the average home needs a new coat of exterior paint every seven years? That quickly adds up! However, with siding you can avoid spending money on exterior painting services. We can help you choose the best siding options.

4. Avoid Costly Maintenance

One of the best things about adding siding to your home is how little you have to worry about it. Unlike some other home exterior items, siding requires little to no maintenance. As a result, this means wasting less time worrying about home improvement projects. In other words, you get more time doing the things you love.